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Pro Trekking Hiking Pole

Pro Trekking Hiking Pole

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Introducing the Pro Trekking Pole – Your Ultimate Companion for Every Adventure!

Embark on your outdoor escapades with confidence, stability, and enhanced performance, courtesy of the Pro Trekking Poles. Engineered for the avid adventurer, these poles are meticulously crafted to tackle diverse terrains and elevate your trekking experience to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. Ultra-Lightweight Durability: Crafted from high-grade aluminium alloy, our trekking poles strike the perfect balance between strength and weight. Feel the difference as you conquer trails effortlessly, knowing your equipment can withstand the toughest challenges.

  2. Adjustable Height: Tailor the poles to your specific needs with the easy-to-use, adjustable height feature. Whether you're ascending steep inclines or descending rocky slopes, find the perfect height to optimize your comfort and stability.

  3. Quick and Secure Locking Mechanism: Our innovative locking system ensures a quick and secure setup, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead. The adjustable flip-lock mechanism provides reliability and stability, even in the most challenging environments.

  4. All-Terrain Traction: Conquer any trail with our tungsten carbide tips and durable rubber feet. From rocky mountain paths to muddy trails, the SummitSeeker Pro Trekking Poles offer superior grip and stability, ensuring you maintain your footing in any conditions.

Embark on your journey with the Pro Trekking Poles – where durability, comfort, and performance converge to make every step an adventure. Unleash your potential, conquer new horizons, and let these poles be your steadfast companions on the path less traveled. Elevate your trekking experience today!


  • Handle Material: Foam
  • Stick Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel
  • Handle: Straight Grip Handle
  • Length (cm): 155 - 185
  • Storage (cm): 33
  • Shaft Material: Aluminum Alloy
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